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Coming Soon – Halloween at Chasewater Railway

Coming Soon – Halloween

at Chasewater Railway


Chasewater Railway Gala – Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th September 2017

Chasewater Railway Gala Coming soon:

Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th September 2017

Chasewater Railway’s Next Event – Sunday August 6th, Charity Day

Chasewater Railway’s Next Event 

Sunday August 6th, Charity Day

Coming very soon, Chasewater Railway’s Annual Charity Day

A Few Quick Snaps taken at Mabel’s Vintage Fair, 23rd July 2017

A Few Quick Snaps taken at Mabel’s Vintage Fair, 23rd July 2017

Had a quick wander round at what appeared to be a very successful day, both inside and out, at Chasewater Railway for Mabel’s Vintage Fair.

Click on a pic to see a larger version.

Chasewater Railway’s Brewery Day event, 2017.

Chasewater Railway’s Brewery Day

Some stills and video clips from Chasewater Railway’s

Brewery Day event, 2017.

Coming soon to Chasewater Railway – for train and beer fans!

Coming soon to Chasewater Railway 

for train and beer fans!

Next Trains – Diesel Sat 24th June / Steam Sunday 25th June

Next event – July 9th Burton Breweries Locomotives Day 2017


Severn Valley Railway Gala, March 18th 2017.

Severn Valley Railway Gala

March 18th 2017.

Chasewater Railway’s Spring Industrial Gala


Chasewater Railway’s

Spring Industrial Gala




Aston Manor Road Transport Museum Event

Aston Manor Road Transport Museum Event


From Brownhills Bob’s Brownhills Blog

Click on the link for more info.

How about some Beer and Buses by night, then?

Chasewater Country Park Leaflet

Chasewater Country Park Leaflet

The 2017 leaflet for the Chasewater Country Park Events is now available.

Front Cover

Front Cover

First two Pages

First two Pages

Back Cover

Back Cover