Steam Railways Preservation in the 1980s & 1990s, December 1993, 34027 ‘Taw Valley’, ‘Flying Scotsman’

Steam Railways Preservation in the 1980s & 1990s, December 1993, 34027 ‘Taw Valley’, ‘Flying Scotsman’

Steam Railways Preservation in the 1980s & 1990s
December 1993

34027 ‘Taw Valley’

It is now possible to confirm ‘Taw Valley’ will head ‘The Swansong’ out of Waterloo for Yeovil Junction and return on February 19th 1994.
Publicity literature is now available for interested passengers and can be obtained from the ‘34027 Locomotive Group’.
Some three hundred and eighty passengers on the Weymouth to Waterloo run expressed an interest in this later operation and each should have received written details by now.
The confirmed departure time is ‘about’ 9.00am out of Waterloo.

Taw Valley

Stay on the right side of the fence – 34027 Group plea

The 34027 Locomotive Group have appealed to ‘gricers’ not to wreck their history making ‘South Western Swan Song’ excursion of electrified third rail metals in the New Year.
‘We are calling on all enthusiasts who may be put to watch or photograph this historic event to stay off the lineside and all places which could constitute trespass,’ explained ‘Taw Valley’ spokesman Brian Cooke.
‘We consider the real danger will be from the general public who may not realise the dangers and all enthusiasts are asked to demonstrate their responsibility and stay on the right side of the fence while speaking out if they see anyone doing anything wrong.’ ‘The dangers to life and limb are obvious, but the dangers to the continued running of steam on the main line are also very real.’

2015 – 34027 currently at Bridgnorth on the Severn Valley Railway – overhaul at an advanced stage.

Engineers to the rescue

5 - Flying Scotsman 60103

5 TextPaul Crooks
‘Flying Scotsman’ was in trouble again – this time at its Birmingham Railway Museum resting place.

The world famous Gresley Pacific was failed after a cross head on the main piston came loose.
To the rescue came engineers Dowding and Mills who machined the taper of the offending piston, built it up with chrome metal spray and then machined it back to size for fitting. ‘The operation didn’t affect our very popular driver training course programme as all the work was done on non-operational days,’ explained a spokesman for Tyseley.

Flying Scotsman at GCR

2015 – Scotsman restoration update

We anticipate that the restoration work to return iconic locomotive Flying Scotsman to steam will be completed in 2015, after a milestone moment in the project was safely passed this month. Read the latest statement about progress, or view the recent images from the workshop.


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