283 – Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces, From Chasewater News – Autumn 2005, Part 3 – The Steam Crane

283 – Chasewater Railway Museum Bits & Pieces
From Chasewater News – Autumn 2005
Part 3 – The Steam Crane

Steam crane

Crane textSteam craneTaylor & Hubbard 10 ton capacity steam crane – No. 330274

The crane is a 6 wheel self-propelled steam crane built in Leicester by Taylor & Hubbard in 1945 for the LNER. During the course of its working life it has been assigned several identification numbers – LNER 274 – 80/015 – DE330274.

It was fitted with its current Spencer Hopwood boiler in 1951, which has a working pressure of 120psi. The crane weighs about 50 tons in working order and has a 40 foot jib. It was built as a permanent way crane and is to be used for the same job at Chasewater, as well as boiler and other heavy lifting duties.

Pic Crane 1Pic Crane 2Pic Crane 3Pic Crane 4Pic Crane RSPic Crane RS 2Back cover crane

Six photos of the crane during restoration, including 2 taken by Roger Shenton – I don’t know who took the others, or the one of the completed crane in action at Chasewater Heaths.


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