Steam Locomotives, Yes we have no Bahamas, steam age daydreams


Yes we have no Bahamas


This blast from the past, scanned from one of my old slides, is actually something to look forward to, as No.45596 Bahamas is undergoing an overhaul to get her up and running again. The walk-way she is passing under is a very different matter, it has been demolished and will not be replaced – the two sides of the mill it once joined together are gone or going. The whole area around this site has now changed, almost beyond recognition.

No.45596 Bahamas, is unique amongst the Jubilees, being the only survivor to be fitted with a double chimney, which she received in 1961. Three other Jubilees were experimented on No.45742 Connaught was fitted with a double chimney in 1940 and Nos. 45735 Comet and 45736 Phoenix were rebuilt in 1942 with double chimney and a larger boiler. The result of these latter modifcations led to these two locomotives being reclassified as 7P – sort of ‘baby Scots’, a name more usually associated with the Stanier rebuilds of the Patriot class 4-6-0s

When No.45596 Bahamas received her double chimney, the intentions were to have 5 Jubilees similarly converted  to test them in service. The tests on No.45596, at the Rugby test plant, showed an increase of around 30% in the steaming capabilities of the boiler when fitted with the double chimney, a not insignificant gain – especially from the fireman’s point of view! However, at this late stage in the ‘modernisation’ of BR the decision was taken to abandon any further testing and improvement to the steam fleet, and so the remaining four engines never did get their double chimneys.


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