USA Railways, Railroad Glory Days

 USA Railways

In the past, the station was one of the most important buildings in any small town or big city. This one was on the tracks of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe (commonly “Santa Fe” to most of us, but “Atchison” to Wall Street). Texico, New Mexico is on the mainline at the Texas, New Mexico border — thus the composite name. The photo is from May 1972, and the station has disappeared from Google Maps).#transporttuesday #railfans #SteamySunday #RailwayWednesday
Missouri Pacific south-bound Texas Eagle at the International – Great Northern station in San Antonio, Texas February 8, 1970.”Jay Gould acquired control of the I&GN in December, 1880; due to his control of the Missouri Pacific and the Texas and Pacific Railroad, the three were operated as one system, though they each retained their separate corporate identities and seniority districts.”The I&GN became part of the MP in 1956. (Wikipedia)#transporttuesday #railfans #SteamySunday #RailwayWednesday
Shared publicly  –  Jan 9, 2015
  “W. T. Carter & Bro., in addition to owning the common carrier MC&SA, had an extensive lumber railroad. The rails into the woods were gone by then, but the locomotives were still there. Some clearly had not been used in many years: as evidence, there were two Number 1s and two Number 2s. In all I saw four Moguls, two Mikados, a Prairie, a Consolidation a Ten-wheeler and a Shay.” From “Iron horses put out to pasture, Scenes from the Piney Woods” — #railfans #SteamySunday #RailwayWednesday
At Antonito, Colorado, the Denver & Rio Grande Western narrow gauge branch for Santa Fe passed this attractive stone depot on the left while the mainline to Durango, Silverton and Farmington passed it on the right. Three rail tracks extended here until the narrow gauge was abandoned. The photo was taken May 28, 1972.#transporttuesday #railfans #SteamySunday #RailwayWednesday

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