Classic Streamliners, The San Diegan, Olympian Hiawatha Speedliner, North Coast Limited

Classic Streamliners

“The San Diegan: The Original Olympian Hiawathan Surfliner”

The San Diegan was one of the named passenger trains of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway, and a “workhorse” of the railroad. Its 126-mile route ran from Los Angeles, California south to San Diego. The Los Angeles-San Diego corridor was popularly known as the “Surf Line”, and the first San Diegan ran on March 27, 1938 as one set of equipment making two round trips a day. See more at

The New Streamlined Olympian Hiawatha Speedliner, circa 1947″

The North Coast Limited was a named passenger train operated by the Northern Pacific Railway between Chicago and Seattle via Bismarck, North Dakota. It started on April 29, 1900, and ceased operation in April of 1971. The reverse of this beautiful card read: “The Lewis and Clark Traveller’s Rest Buffet-Lounge Car, designed by Raymond Loewy, is just one of the extras on the Vista-Dome North Coast Limited. Stewardess-nurse service is another extra on this crack transcontinental streamliner.” See more at


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