USA Railways, Railroad Glory Days

USA Railways

Railroad Glory Days

Tanglefoot Curve on the east approach to Cumbres Pass, Colorado back when the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad was still new — May 28, 1972. The train stopped, and those so inclined were allowed to step off and catch the train at the upper lever. Those boxcars were not the easiest for climbing on and off.

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A friend accompanied me on the June 24, 1961 CB&Q mixed train to Oregon, and we rode on the gondola shown here. After boarding we positioned ourselves near the car side shown. My friend had his ticket in his shirt pocket ready to deliver. As soon as the train attained a little speed, that ticket was caught by the breeze and hit me in the face as it disappeared. The conductor took our word for it — my friend wasn’t required to pay again. I don’t remember the ticket price, but it was probably no more than $20.

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I remembered reading about the Moscow, Camden & San Augustine in Beebe’s Mixed Train Daily. The single photo illustration by Charles Clegg showed a tall-stacked 2-8-0, Number 6, with an old style headlight and high pilot smoking it up with the daily (except Sunday) mixed train to Moscow. Beebe’s colorful prose spoke intriguingly of MC&SA’s other engine, the “Panama Mogul” – so called because it had started its long useful career on the Panama Railroad. See “Iron horses put out to pasture” at

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Chicago, Burlington & Quincy switching the elevator siding at Watertman, Illinois. This was on the Mixed train to Oregon, Illinois excursion of June 24, 1961. More about this locomotive in excursion service here:

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Osier, Colorado back when the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad was still new — May 28, 1972.

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  Missouri Pacific Train No. 1, the south-bound Texas Eagle stops at Austin, Texas February 8, 1970. Scheduled time was 11:32 am.

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In 1971 the east bound City of Portland waits at Green River, Wyoming — trains from Portland, Los Angeles and San Francisco will be combined there to make a single train of 23 cars behind five diesel-electric units. At Cheyenne the combined trains will be separated into two trains.

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